Theresa Robert

Theresa has worked in the transportation industry for over 34 years. During that time, she was instrumental in building a local transportation company servicing the healthcare industry.


As the Director of Finance and Accounting she led the organization in all financial aspects while growing and expanding the business to become Southwestern Ontario’s premier transportation logistics provider. Theresa also managed the organizations human resources needs and was responsible for all government compliance requirements including regulator and health and safety programs.


During the last number of years Thresa has been working as an  independent business and financial consultant and has recently been appointed as a Director of a not for profit organization

Jeff McAllister

Jeff is passionate about the Corporation’s business and he has significant skills and experience as an entrepreneur in the Chatham area. He has also demonstrated significant fundraising skills through his efforts to attract financing for the Corporation to help it execute on its business plan. 


He has also been instrumental in helping management develop a business plan that will help the Corporation achieve is objectives in manner that sets a more robust foundation for success and growth.


Jeff began his first business when he was seventeen and never looked back. He currently operates McAllister Courier which is Southwestern Ontario’s premier transportation logistics provider.

Peter Birch

Peter began his career in the financial services industry in the United Kingdom during the mid 1980’s. Since that time he has held executive positions in a number of companies primarily focused on debt financing. In 2014, he brought one of the companies to the public markets with a valuation of over £80 million. In recent years,


Peter continued to invest in real estate offerings and became interested in the emerging Cannabis industry. With Canada’s accelerated legalization, he saw Canada as an ideal place to invest. Through his business relationships with Jeff McAllister, his interest in Mariwell took hold.


With Peter’s knowledge of the European financial markets and his extensive connects in the UK, he will provide insight and guidance to allow Mariwell to exploit those markets as they develop over the coming years.

Brendon Ditmar

 Brendon was born and raised in the Chatham-Kent area which has given him a vast farming and agriculture background. Brendon is a passionate young entrepreneur, who believes he can contribute to the industry in a positive and impactful way.


He decided to apply some of that agricultural knowledge when asked to begin a small setup for an M.S patient. He enjoyed it and had so much success that he continued honing his skills over the next few years acquiring more and more opportunities to increase knowledge and work at a larger scaleHe also had the opportunity  test techniques, keep data sets and answer questions that he had regarding a multiple of areas including grow styles, research and testing and most successful practices amongst other areas.

At one point was working with 5 separate licenses.   During that time went from small scale operations with complete restructure setup and construction involved, to successfully managing 600+ plants at 5 different locations at one point, Increasing yield and productivity by 15 % every crop cycle. Within the last few years, most of those operations have become self sufficient or in a state of expansion.


Working with Cannabis for the last 20 years has allowed him to experiment with multiple techniques and strains both indoor and outdoor. His passion comes from his creation of 20 plus hybrids which were carefully selected from some of the top yielding, cup winning strains as well as other sought after characteristics and a seed bank in excess of 150 seed strains.


In his role as Assistant Master Grower with Mariwell, Brendon will apply his process and continual improvement expertise to help develop excellent consumer products.

Thomas Beaton

Tom, DHT, is a 40 year veteran in horticulture. His career included work

in the golf course and landscaping industries, the Royal Botanical

Gardens Hamilton, and Manager Parks, Cemeteries and Horticulture for the

Municipality of Chatham Kent.


Tom was responsible for the management of greenhouse operations propagating and growing more than 75,000 plants per season.


Tom was the recipient of the Carolinian Canada Exceptional Service Award for the introduction of a Natural Heritage Implementation Strategy and the Ontario Federal Council Leadership through Collaboration Award for his work on the Emerald Ash Borer crisis.

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