About Us

Outdoor • Indoor • Greenhouse


Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Mariwell, we believe that producing great cannabis is an art. Using the gifts mother nature has given us - the sun, the prevailing winds of the Great Lakes, and the best agricultural region in Canada - we excel at our craft. Using proven techniques paired with the right amount of nature, we produce some of the best sun-grown cannabis in Canada. 


In 2022, we expanded our operations to include an indoor grow where we produce our craft cannabis products.

G      H
R      O
E      U
E       S
N      E

In 2023, we are expanding yet again and builing a greenhouse. For the seasons when mother nature is not on our side, we will be able to continue producing quality flower year round. Stay tuned to see whar more we can offer with this new addition.

What's next for Mariwell?

Lake Erie lends itself to crisp shorelines, amazing breezes and great views.  Couple this with wonderful sunshine and the result is Nature’s Bounty. 

Embracing the outdoors and dialing in the perfect strains for this environment and its nuances was the beginning of Mariwell.  

We then pivoted to craft indoor Cannabis.  Erie Green (a division of Mariwell) creates high quality, premium Cannabis which is carefully tended to by an experienced team with passion for the craft. Small batch, hand trimmed, hang dried and perfectly cured by true connoisseurs.

What’s next – Greenhouse

How to get the most out of our ideal site in Wheatley?  All three growing avenues. Expected to be completed by winter of 2023, our custom-built greenhouse facility will enable Mariwell to further expand our genetics and increase inventory.   Utilizing traditional cultivation methods blended with today’s best technology.  We are excited to complete this project and can’t wait to bring to the markets an expression of our appreciation for Cannabis.

Anything worth doing takes time, patience and perseverance.