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The Mariwell Advantage: Why You Should Partner With Us

As you guide your business in the realm of post-prohibition, you may face significant challenges. The most urgent of which is how to attract and meet consumer satisfaction. Many businesses are coming to the same conclusion - teaming with a trusted grower is the best way to ensure brand loyalty and overcome hurdles often associated with product efficacy.

At Mariwell, quality cannabis meets efficiency. We want to help you build trust with your consumers and patients through the highest quality products. Ultimately, with over 20 years of experience in innovation, building relationships, and long-term success, our team has many fundamental assets that distinguish us from other licensed producers (LPs) in the Canadian industry.

With the growing number of cannabis producers and the high demand for products across Canada, navigating the complex cannabis landscape can sometimes be challenging for consumers and businesses seeking premium products and services. This means that there are growing concerns amongst many consumers and providers around the integrity of products and LPs. With the varying maturity levels of many LPs in Canada and across borders, few are developed and defined in terms of expertise, management, and capability to scale production without impacting quality.

Although, with industry regulations and standards, still evolving at home and globally, it's no surprise that not all products are grown or created the same. Cannabis is on track to become one of the leading industries globally, and affiliated businesses are looking to find trusted partners who can provide credible measures of quality.

Part of finding the right partners is to identify where your business might need support, the strengths partnership could provide and how they could compliment your business values. Mariwell operates on a business and operations model designed for long-term success; that is responsive and can capitalize on opportunities to drive sales and growth. By harvesting quality cannabis through a sustainability and transparency approach, we hope to cut through some of the noise by offering the Canadian medical and recreational cannabis community access to a product they can trust and count on.

For us, partnerships are a natural step forward in scaling operations and connecting with the community. Here is a look at the core pillars that shape our internal philosophy:

Quality - We’re outcome focused to ensure we offer unparalleled high-quality cannabis products and services, every time

Community - Our Canadian products are sustainable, sun-grown, and inspired by the local community in which we operate.

Transparency and Reliability - We foster a culture of trust to provide you the assurance that your customers are receiving the highest-quality products.

Innovation - We’re committed to continuous improvement with regular procedure reviews to ensure we provide our customers with the best quality products.

Sustainability - Organic practices and sustainability over the long-term is at the heart of what we do.

We’re always happy to chat about what we do and how we can help. Get in touch with us to start the conversation today.

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