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How Environment and Genetics Define the Quality of Your Cannabis

“At Mariwell, we’re constantly developing new and unique strains, as well as incorporating other genetic traits that grow well in Canada. We’ve hand-selected quality strains for disease resistance and pest resistance, so we can further minimize environmental impact through breeding while continuing to ensure the best quality product possible.” - Theresa Robert, Chair of the Board, Mariwell. Often consumers may notice that the ‘same strain’ from different growers can lack consistency and vary in taste depending on the source. This happens because plants are sensitive and vulnerable to prevailing factors such as environment, growth techniques, and light. For consumers, understanding cannabis cultivation and doing their research is an important part of not only understanding what’s in their product but its efficacy. So, how can licensed producers assure consumers they're getting the same quality they expect from their favourite strains every time?

Mastering Cannabis Cultivation

Cultivation of consistent, high quality yield is not an easy feat. It’s one of the biggest challenges faced by licensed producers in the industry. At Mariwell, we’ve invested in our facility, techniques, and people to ensure optimal growing conditions. Investment in a tightly controlled outdoor environment has been critical in ensuring consumers across the medical and recreational markets get a product they can count on.

A cannabis plant's genetics are determined by the practices and production methods used. Genetics determine plant growth. When there are shifts in the environment, it can impact quality and result in changes to plant properties including smell, colour, shape, taste, terpenes, yield and cannabinoid profile. This is why it is important to find trusted licensed producers with the expertise, experience, and defined quality controls.

The higher the 'stability of a strain the better able growers are to predict the properties of their harvests. More instability increases the chances for inconsistency and less desirable product outcomes. From a business point of view, the stability of your strains is the only way to guarantee that your products meet customer satisfaction. In the quest to reduce any variability in your crops, it’s important to get your cultivar down to a science.

The Science Behind Quality

Similar to humans, cannabis has X and Y sex chromosomes - 20 to be precise. This fact in itself can complicate genetic mapping for many growers, making it harder for them to breed stable, consistent strains. With the science behind growing complex and compelling, and increased industry understanding, there’s been a steady shift amongst the community to a more science-based breeding approach. Advanced scientific processes have allowed farmers to single out desirable traits resulting in strains with increased levels of cannabinoids, THC and CBD and improved product efficacy. Embracing the opportunity to analyze and assess final breeds before inception can bring growers peace of mind knowing they've met their purity and quality checks.

Mariwell Products: Indica, Sativa, Hybrids and More!

Currently, the Mariwell library has 150 strain varieties to choose from.

With the trend for higher CBD products growing, we are striving to add new stable and unique strains to our data bank each year to meet customer demand. As we continue to move forward in the new era of cannabis consumption, science will continue to lead the way in our relationship to the plant and how we understand production.

Want to learn more about high quality strains? Get in touch to speak with a member of our grow team today.

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