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The Most Important Step in Growing Cannabis: Drying

Updated: May 24, 2021

Have you ever though about why drying is the most important step?

Growing quality cannabis has multiple facets, but without a doubt, drying is the most important step of the entire growth. To begin, throughout the growth of cannabis, there is a lot of money invested in creating a quality product, such as medium, seeds or clones, growing containers, lighting equipment plus hydro, water, and the list goes on.

Secondly, consider time and effort. From the beginning of the process of harvesting, germinating process, transplanting, and monitoring your plants through the vegetation and flowering periods for issues such as nutrient deficiencies, or pests. Also, training cannabis plants through topping and low stress training (LST) can add a significant amount of time and work to a grow depending on how much training you plan on doing to your plants. Thirdly, if you dry the cannabis improperly, you ruin the entire process that you’ve put time, effort, and invested money into, which ultimately, ruins the quality of the final product. A proper drying stage releases chlorophyll from the buds and leaves, creating a smoother better tasting product. Improper drying can leave too much chlorophyll in the product as well as not preserve the valuable terpenes that you’re after. When your plants are recently harvested, they’re still quite green and most of their THC is inactive. A bad drying stage will leave you with subpar Cannabis.

Finding The Perfect Drying Time, Airflow, Temperature and Humidity A perfect drying phase includes the amount of time drying to a desired moisture level, as well as having adequate airflow, and proper temperature and humidity. If you dry too slowly you risk mold growth, but if you dry too fast you will fail to preserve the terpenes of the cannabis compromising it’s taste, smell, and desired effects. Airflow and humidity are also an important part of the drying process. If you don’t have proper airflow and humidity your buds will not dry in the appropriate amount of time and you risk mold growing. If mold starts to form the cannabis is no longer acceptable to be used, as mold can cause serious health issues if smoked or consumed.

Don’t let all your hard work be undone.

In the end, you want a final product that is enjoyable, effective, and safe, which is why drying is so important. Once you’ve grown quality Cannabis, be sure you finish the process correctly. Never underestimate the importance of a proper dry. To learn more about our commercial drying services contact us today!

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