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Mariwell Autoflower Harvest Update

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

After breaking ground for cultivation in early Spring, Mariwell has officially planted its first crop for the second season harvest.

Our deep-seated passion and agricultural expertise have led to a degree of efficiency that makes us uniquely positioned to meet the ever-increasing demand for eco-friendly cannabis. At Mariwell, we believe producing the finest cannabis is an art, and supports superior seed genetics with the best natural conditions for high-quality growings.

Our commitment to providing an enjoyable, eco-friendly product continues with this season’s planting of autoflower seeds, providing the opportunity for a high-quality harvest in a short time.

Autoflowering seeds have consistently evolved and come a long way over time, as modern autoflowering strains have proven that they can not only produce flower of equally high quality to traditional photoperiodic strains, but they can also do so multiple times a year. Taking up to 13 weeks to grow from seed to flower and as little as 7, the multi-harvest potential of autoflower seeds, nurtured in the rich soil of Mariwell’s farm with our team’s expert natural cultivation techniques ensures that we consistently deliver quality yields.

Autoflower seeds are also advantageous in that they do not flower based on the light cycle required by their photoperiodic counterparts thanks to the Ruderalis gene that lend adaptability to the flower, allowing it to deal well in tough, cold conditions and flower at a certain age regardless of the amount of light. Each harvest season comes with its own set of challenges and lessons, of course, and to ensure consistent delivery of exceptional product synonymous with Mariwell, it’s important to innovate and grow.

Master Grower Brendon Ditmar discussed this and the change in cultivation style from last season, saying even the arrangements of plants will differ this year, opting for the “California method”, which gives the flower more space to grow wide.

Mariwell continues to challenge convention and apply expert know-how to provide a superior product in the least resource-intensive way. Our eco-friendly approach empowers us to enhance affordability, accessibility and promote holistic wellness and care for our consumers and environment.

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