Mariwell is the boutique, outdoor grower of choice in Canada growing directly for retailers, extractors, and medical processors.

Our primary focus is to take advantage of our unique location on Lake Erie where sun, wind, and rich soil allows optimum qualities for growing outdoors through organic practices.

We're committed to providing you and your consumers with quality, Canadian products, and cultivating strong yield outputs to meet increasing consumer demand with ease.


Quality - Mariwell's unique location, rich soils, and organic practice focus allow for growing the finest quality cannabis, including the ability to produce high yield crops to meet the demands of suppliers.

Community and accessibility - Mariwell believes that producing great cannabis is an art. Our Canadian products are sustainable, sun-grown, and inspired by the local community in which we operate.

Innovation - Mariwell is committed to continuous improvement with regular procedure reviews to ensure we provide our customers with the best quality products.

Trust and Transparency - Mariwell fosters a culture of trust, right from our leadership team to our growing techniques, to provide you the assurance that your customers are receiving the highest-quality products. More than ever, our industry supply chain needs a trusted partner - we're here to make the difference by delivering consistent and compliant results.

Consistent Outcomes - Mariwell promotes an internal quality management system designed to consistently produce and deliver quality products that customers expect and trust.

Sustainability- At Mariwell, sustainability is fundamental to business success, enabling us to create long-term value for our B2B partners and earn the trust of the communities in which we operate.

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