Theresa Robert

Theresa has worked in the transportation industry for over 34 years. During that time, she was instrumental in building a local transportation company servicing the healthcare industry.


As the Director of Finance and Accounting she led the organization in all financial aspects while growing and expanding the business to become Southwestern Ontario’s premier transportation logistics provider. Theresa also managed the organizations human resources needs and was responsible for all government compliance requirements including regulator and health and safety programs.


During the last number of years Theresa has been working as an  independent business and financial consultant and has recently been appointed as a Director of a not for profit organization

Jeff McAllister

Jeff is passionate about the Corporation’s business and he has significant skills and experience as an entrepreneur in the Chatham area. He has also demonstrated significant fundraising skills through his efforts to attract financing for the Corporation to help it execute on its business plan. 


He has also been instrumental in helping management develop a business plan that will help the Corporation achieve is objectives in manner that sets a more robust foundation for success and growth.


Jeff began his first business when he was seventeen and never looked back. 

Peter Birch

Peter began his career in the financial services industry in the United Kingdom during the mid 1980’s. Since that time he has held executive positions in a number of companies primarily focused on debt financing. In 2014, he brought one of the companies to the public markets with a valuation of over £80 million. In recent years, Peter continued to invest in real estate offerings and became interested in the emerging Cannabis industry. With Canada’s accelerated legalization, he saw Canada as an ideal place to invest. Through his business relationships with Jeff McAllister, his interest in Mariwell took hold.


With Peter’s knowledge of the European financial markets and his extensive connects in the UK, he will provide insight and guidance to allow Mariwell to exploit those markets as they develop over the coming years.

William Moore

Dr. Bill Moore was born and raised in Chatham Kent and attended University of Guelph where he received his degree from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1985. 

For over 30 years Bill operated and was a practitioner in various small/mixed animal clinics in multiple towns in South Western Ontario. 
Currently Bill owns Moore Swine Services. He is a former partner in Southwest Ontario Veterinary Services, which provides veterinary services to pork producers across Canada.   

In the past Bill has been a board member/president in four separate Board of directors including Canadian Greenpower Southwestern Ontario and the Ontario Association of Swine Veterinarians.

Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of the Agriculture and Farm Industry to the J.P. Mariwell board of directors. 

Kerry Mall

Dr. Kerry Mall grew up in a small town in India and Graduated as Doctor in Veterinary medicine in 1999.  Kerry immigrated to Canada in 2005 and has settled in Chatham-Kent with his family since 2010.


Dr Mall has over 15 years of entrepreneurial, management and Veterinary experience. He was also the Founder and President of 4 successful Veterinary hospitals in Southwestern Ontario and was an enthusiastic mentor and instructor to fellow associates.


As an active investor, Kerry loves to develop ideas, specifically looking at new investment opportunities. He believes in partnership and investing in residential, business, including the cannabis industry and commercial real estate properties in Chatham-Kent.


Over the years, Kerry has developed a full spectrum of professionals ready to help grow businesses and new real estate developments. Dr. Mall now enjoys reduced hours practicing veterinary medicine at St. Clair Animal Hospital in Corunna, ON.

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